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Normas Iram Materiales Proceso Constructivo Ventajas
  • It has better properties of insulation that increase the welfare and the standard life.Causing energetic savings of heating and cooling.
  • The esthetic adaptation that the house can suffer to be adapted to the architectural characteristic of the region where it is built.
  • Low mechanization level, more to the production as the armed one.
  • Big part of the work is in dry, as in plant as in work, which becomes the construction to independent of the different weathers.Also this get that the house has never humidity that is to say damage by wet aspect in some parts.
  • Very good durability of the dwelling keeping in mind aspects of maintenance, similar one to traditional work.
  • The time construction is very fast.The dwelling could be inhabited in 8 weeks.This produces an important savings to the buyer.
  • Being an industrial process, is a generating resource of labor in social way.
  • It could be re-built or to expand in easy way.
  • This system does not damage the environment, due to its easy production does not use systems of heavy industry and works of extensive duration do not affect natural places.
  • The optimization of spaces that allow the system modules, taking maximum advantage of the utility of small spaces.
  • The lower cost to traditional system of construction getting the same result.

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