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The constructive system Viviendas Norte consists of the installation of industrialized boards, with interior terminations and/or outsides in an extensive variety of materials, complying in all the cases with the requests oftermoacustics insulations that the construction place require it.

These used materials, will be of similar characteristics to them that are used in the traditional construction, only that the advantage of the industrialized system utilized by Viviendas Norte, will be the optimization of construction’s times, due to that the 90% of the construction is carried out in our industrial plant, and the constructive kit will only be installed by specialized personnel company.

This will allow us to optimize and to quantify all the constructive works that carried to reduce the costs, being convenient to stand out that its final cost compared to the traditional construction will approximately be 50% of the value.

The continuous growth to national level of the industrialized construction has been accompanied by the development of technologies and the utilization of the most modern materials, this has carried us to renovate and update Production’s system periodically and the ways of commercialization of our products.

Task was carried out exchanging information, by means of traveling, with businesses of this area of different countries where this type of construction is considered of traditional type.

Visiting the following construction companies:

  • Custom Builders -Georgia
  • Colony Homes Managment Corporation -Atlanta
  • American Wholesale Smyra -Atlanta
  • Buddy,s Homes Jonesboro -Georgia
  • Riverbend Log Homes Nackawic -Canada
  • Idea Group Treviso -Italia

International Exposition in:

  • Side 2000 Bologna - Italia
  • SCA Beto Goncalves - Brasil
  • 25 Feria Internacional del Pacifico - Peru

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