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Normas Iram Materiales Proceso Constructivo Ventajas

The constructive system VIVIENDAS NORTE S.A. counts with the certificate of Technical Aptitude offered by the Works Publish Nation Secretaryand certificate earthquakes resistant offered by the National Institute of Forecast earthquakes of San Juan.

To the actionearthquake, the construction of dwellings through using woods offers great advantages, due to it has very good properties of solidity, its weightis less (compared to the concrete and the steel), and that it is capable of bearing large efforts without being deformed due to the flexibility of its structural elements, to the effectsearthquake, the fundamental advantage of using wood as component of the structure is the capacity to deaden, absorb and to dispel the energy due to their fibrous nature, avoiding concentrations of efforts that could generate breaks, is for that reason that these constructive systems are used in regions of high degree of earthquakes.

The constructive system VIVIENDAS NORTE S.A. could be used in zones bio-environment I to VI according to norms IRAM Nº11603, with these system certificates could be registered to any municipality as final dwelling.

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