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Viviendas Norte S.A. is a company that is dedicated to construction of industrialized houses in all the country since three decades ago.

Along this path, has had as objective the permanent innovation and incorporation of new technologies that are found in the domestic and international market, to improve the final product to the customer.

It has meant a long process to recreate the concept of design, comfort and traditional habitability by that industrialized dwellings that, in developed countries as Canada and United States, represents the 90% of the houses, the majority ones being built with wooden structures.

Front to this reality, we encourage us to continue and to deep all our efforts to offer “the required product” to the customers.It is not easy task to adapt the requirements of the client about comfort, to distribution and terminations, but we feel proud that due to our infrastructure and our control of the technologies that have incorporated since 1975 do us capable to approach to “its required product”.

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