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To pay in cash

In this way of payment there are bonuses that could be in accessories for the KIT or a percentage over the value of the house.

Viviendas Norte S.A. Financing.

Ask us about our financing.


Advising, planning and development of restructurings, enlargements and any modification asked by the owner.Reducing the labor costs and the times of personnel not suitable in our dwellings style.

Viviendas Norte S.A. delivers the house and Bank Province finances it.

We work with an agreement with Province Bank called ANTICIPATED

ADJUDICACION SYSTEM (begins to pay getting the last week day of the next month to date when the person received the acquired good).

The financing could have a time limit of 60 months and the maximum total to finance until 80% from good‘s value, without taxes.The financial amount could be of 100% from the value, to values that are not more than $10.000 and if the client accept taxes.

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